Stones to Pennyweights table

Stones Pennyweights
0st 0.00dwt
1st 4083.33dwt
2st 8166.67dwt
3st 12250.00dwt
4st 16333.33dwt
5st 20416.67dwt
6st 24500.00dwt
7st 28583.33dwt
8st 32666.67dwt
9st 36750.00dwt
10st 40833.33dwt
11st 44916.67dwt
12st 49000.00dwt
13st 53083.33dwt
14st 57166.67dwt
15st 61250.00dwt
16st 65333.34dwt
17st 69416.67dwt
18st 73500.00dwt
19st 77583.34dwt
Stones Pennyweights
20st 81666.67dwt
21st 85750.00dwt
22st 89833.34dwt
23st 93916.67dwt
24st 98000.00dwt
25st 102083.34dwt
26st 106166.67dwt
27st 110250.00dwt
28st 114333.34dwt
29st 118416.67dwt
30st 122500.00dwt
31st 126583.34dwt
32st 130666.67dwt
33st 134750.00dwt
34st 138833.34dwt
35st 142916.67dwt
36st 147000.00dwt
37st 151083.34dwt
38st 155166.67dwt
39st 159250.00dwt
Stones Pennyweights
40st 163333.34dwt
41st 167416.67dwt
42st 171500.00dwt
43st 175583.34dwt
44st 179666.67dwt
45st 183750.00dwt
46st 187833.34dwt
47st 191916.67dwt
48st 196000.01dwt
49st 200083.34dwt
50st 204166.67dwt
51st 208250.01dwt
52st 212333.34dwt
53st 216416.67dwt
54st 220500.01dwt
55st 224583.34dwt
56st 228666.67dwt
57st 232750.01dwt
58st 236833.34dwt
59st 240916.67dwt
Stones to Pennyweights
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